Our Story


MAYMOND Jewelry is a modern luxury brand focussed on designing high standard pieces at affordable prices. Founded in 2017 by May Aharon, May’s multi-disciplinary background shines through each MAYMOND jewelry, generating distinctive and powerful pieces.
Mirroring this vision, the MAYMOND name doesn’t just come from our founder, but also hides multiple spiritual hints.
MAYMOND's numerological value in Hebrew (555) has a strong spiritual meaning, ‘MOND’ comes from the French word for 'world'.

All our jewelry reflects and amplifies this highly symbolic, eternal energy of life.
MAYMOND pieces are classic and romantic, yet modern.
They play with the definitions of femininity and empower women with the freedom to be their true self.
Excellent customer service is an inseparable aspect of MAYMOND Jewelry's identity, as showcased by the unique custom made jewelry experience we offer to cater to the dreams of all.

From concept and design, to execution and gem settings, MAYMOND experts handle every aspect of the creative process to ensure all pieces meet the finest standards of jewelry.

Originally known as 'MyMayDesign', in 2020 we decided to change our name in order to mark a new beginning, like the first sparkle of a polished diamond.