May's Story

I discovered the world of gemology in 2012 when I joined the Israeli Diamond Exchange center.
Participating in many exhibitions around the world
(Hong Kong, New York, Basel, Beijing and more) and working with many jewelry designers.
I was inspired in 2017 to create my first unique pieces. In the same time as my architecture studies, I continued to build the brand, dedicated to realizing my client’s desires. 
After multiple courses in gemology and design, I gained new perspectives, developed an out-of-the-box thinking process and was inspired to dare challenge classic viewpoints with my personal twist.
Falling in love was definitely what I felt after creating my first pieces. I started designing a new world to express this love of the art, somewhere between architecture, design and gemology. Always using gold, fine gemstones and top-quality diamonds, MAYMOND fine jewelry is all about esthetics, beauty and accuracy.
And honestly, this place where I can convert your dreams into a reality… is where I love to be.