Gemstones contain vital, positive energies that help strengthen the physical and mental aids of a person.
Let's talk about the different meanings and powers of the gemstones we used to create your powerful and timeless jewelry.


Provides strength, vitality, vigor, and energy.
Strengthens and revitalizes the body, therefore recommended for people with low energy or weakness.
During the Middle Ages people believed they would boost their courage and resourcefulness with this stone.
In the past, rubies were considered a symbol of wealth and power due to their rarity.
It is an important augury for women preparing for pregnancy
"A woman who carries the ruby stone does not miscarry and her birth is easy for her".
It is wonderful for women who have difficulty getting pregnant or maintaining a healthy pregnancy.
The ruby stone is thought to help maintain a long-term relationship, so many men buy ruby jewelry for their wives.

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It is the gem of truth, the clearest of thoughts and wisdom.
Developing determination, ambition, and
the desire to realize one's potential in order to achieve one's destiny.
It is excellent for strengthening spirituality and developing self-expression.
A source of peace for the soul.
Especially beneficial for eye health and develops wisdom and gives a special sense of peace.

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Builds trust and love by enabling deep emotional honesty.
Develops feelings of brotherhood and unconditional love.
Relieves diabetes, inflammation, and heart problems.
Enhances memory, relaxes and relieves stress and anger.
Helps a person attract love, as well as strengthen their ability to receive and give love.
It helps to lower the shields around the heart and also helps in situations where a person is unsure what to do in his life or what path to take.

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Enhances empathy, compassion, tolerance, and revitalizes marriages and relationships that have been drained by routine and wear and tear.
Connects with the abundance of universal love and each individual's inherent capacity for compassion.
It is recommended to wear it during healing processes, as it assists the body in eliminating harmful substances.
This gemstone is associated with power, joy, and inner peace.
Having this stone will enhance personal power, self-confidence, and connection to love that raises awareness and positive energy.
This stone is considered a talisman stone for those who work in the financial field and is especially good for new businesses.

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Purple Amethyst

The main purpose of this stone is to calm the mind.
Holding it and putting it on the forehead slows down the brain waves to a frequency where relaxation and meditation can occur.
Those who have difficulty falling asleep will be able to reach a state of sleep more quickly, and anger will be calmed.
It echoes the message that death is not the end but a stop on the way, which makes it suitable for mourners and those at the end of their lives.
Excellent for stress relief, helps with insomnia for those who suffer from chronic nightmares.

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