I believe there is a story behind every jewel I create, whether it’s for an anniversary, an engagement, a wedding or even just something you want to give yourself.
So I truly appreciate you giving me this unique opportunity to be a part of creating an item that will have a life-time value for you and your dear ones.

Inspired by you
Our one-of-a-kind design experience helps you make a personal statement that mass-produced jewelry simply can't.

Dedicated Service
Our team of design consultants help you figure out the details, weigh all the options, and guide you through each step in creating a piece of custom jewelry.

Personalized Design
Our team of artists design pieces just for you, and we'll tweak the details until you find your ideal creation.
Bringing together the expertise of our design consultants and artists, gemologists and experienced jewelers, your vision is planned and executed with the utmost professionalism, precision and care.

What distinguishes MAYMOND jewelry from any other jewelry shop is my ability as diamond manufacturer to create a one stop shop for my customers setting first hand manufactured diamonds, and Gemstones in fine gold jewelry designs.

In simple words by minimizing the number of times your diamond changes hands, you'll be certain you're getting the best quality jewelry that your budget can afford. What you'll end up with is a top quality exclusive diamond jewelry piece without the middleman markup.
As diamond manufacturer I choose only the best diamonds and gemstones, and focus on the smallest details to provide my customers with top quality items.
I can assure you that each piece of jewelry is thoughtfully crafted from a wide variety of finest quality and can be customized to suit your particular taste, size budget, and color choice.

So, if you have a unique design in mind, please contact me to get a no obligation quote.
Each diamond and gemstone is manufactured with love and passion and polished to perfection, to ensure that it meets the highest quality standards.

If you wish to upgrade the quality of the diamond in any of my listings, no problem, as diamond manufacturer I have all the qualities at the best prices available, so please don't hesitate to contact me.