Keep It Sparkling

How To Keep Your Bling

Once you have purchased a fine piece of jewelry, it is your responsibility to always make it look at its best. Here are some essential guidelines on how to clean your jewelry so it retains its MAYMOND bling.

When to Remove Your Jewelry

No matter what materials are involved, jewelry is delicate. You should always remove your jewelry when working with your hands or engaging in activities that involve chemicals or abrasives. 

Take off your jewelry before any of the following:

Contact with chemicals 

Chemicals (such as detergents, creams, perfumes, etc.) that are in daily use damage the natural shine, which is on the top layer of the jewelry, because the reaction of the jewelry to these chemicals is recommended to remove the jewelry before entering the shower, Before cooking, cleaning, before preserving in various makeup products and creams, and even before spraying perfume or hair spray. 

Did you know? Chlorine can damage the texture of the jewelry. We therefore recommend taking off your jewelry before entering the pool or hot tub.

Dressing and undressing

Wear your jewelry only after you have dressed - or alternatively take them off before you take off clothes: when you are getting dressed in the morning it is really tempting to wear your jewelry first, but in truth it is better to wait to wear them after you get dressed. You ask why? Because when you dress while the jewelry is worn on your body, there is a chance that one or another piece of jewelry will get caught in the garment and tear or warp. Same thing while changing clothes or taking them off. Jewelry may get caught in the garment and tear, so it is recommended to wear or take off the jewelry when there is less contact of the jewelry with your clothing details.


It is not recommended to shower with jewelry: it is not that there is a problem for the jewelry to go through the process of showering shampoo soap etc., the problem starts with wiping with a towel after shower, without noticing jewelry can get caught in a towel and tear, so our recommendation is Pay attention in the wiping process that no jewelry will get caught in the towel so it is necessary to wipe gently and with maximum attention.

Physical activity 

During sports activities or physical activity, it is very important to remember to take off all the jewelry you are wearing in order to avoid the possibility of damage to the jewelry as a result of friction, falling or scratching the jewelry.


It is not recommended to sleep with jewelry! During sleep the body moves from side to side, overturns, exerts body weight on certain areas, as a result of which the jewel may be damaged or warped and thus lose its shape and even reach a state of irreversible damage.

How to take care of your Jewelry


Store each piece of jewelry separately: Damage to your jewelry can happen even if you are very careful, but to minimize the chance of damage to the jewelry it is advisable to avoid storing your jewelry together on top of each other (e.g. putting a necklace and ring together in the same compartment). Therefore storing your jewelry separately helps to avoid such situations.


Cleaning the jewelry: A regular routine of jewelry cleaning can be the difference between remembering how the jewelry was once shiny and impressive or maintaining it over time. We recommend cleaning the jewelry once every two months by rinsing with warm water mixed with soap / baking soda and cleaning with an old toothbrush, after the process of rinsing again with warm water. The process should be performed gently. This process will not cause damage and scratches to the jewelry but will clean and renew it.

Exposure to extreme temperatures

It is advisable to avoid exposing jewelry to extreme heat and cold sources one after the other. Such exposure may distort the jewel.