MAYMOND has unique relationships globally with direct access to the sources of the highest quality stones. Renown for innovative designs, combining fine jewelry with a modern twist, MAYMOND artisans meticulously handcraft designs into captivating works of art.

First hand diamonds, special cuts and unique stones are our specialty.
We even have access to fancy color diamonds for our customers that like to add color variations to their pieces.

What distinguishes MAYMOND jewelry from any other jewelry shop is my ability as diamond manufacturer to create a one stop shop for my customers setting first hand manufactured diamonds, and Gemstones in fine gold jewelry designs.

As diamond manufacturer I choose only the best diamonds and gemstones, and focus on the smallest details to provide my customers with top quality items.
I can assure you that each piece of jewelry is thoughtfully crafted from a wide variety of finest quality and can be customized to suit your particular taste, size budget, and color choice.