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Blue Topaz Dream

Blue Topaz Dream

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כולל מע"מ משלוח ומע"מ יחושבו בדף התשלום

Ready to turn heads?

 Our ring was created by combining a unique technology called "Ceramic" which allows us to add color and tone according to the customer's choice in a special design, thus making it a one-of-a-kind ring. In this ring we chose to combine clean white ceramic for the final look.

The inlay of the central blue topaz stone is large, impressive and unique in a cushion cut and next to it is an Asher cut diamond - stones that you will not see in any other piece of jewelry!

The perfect proportions of the blue topaz and the cut diamond which creates the perfect look that will be on your finger forever.

Asher Cut Diamond: 0.22ct
Blue Topaz: 0.85ct
Total Diamonds: 0.08ct
Rose Gold 18K 

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